Anti-protestors in full protestFacetious political stunt concocted by a group of students who grew bored whilst watching an anti-war protest in Westminster in 2004. After scrawling “We Hate Protests” on some makeshift placards they began to march alongside the main demonstration. Incensed by this trivialisation of an important issue, the anti-war activists joined with the students in order to protest their protest and defeat them at their own game. The protest quickly ballooned out of control, blocking traffic and causing such a disturbance that angry commuters left their vehicles to protest it. As the chaos spread it was condemned by MPs, who pronounced it the most shameful and pointless publicity stunt in British history and promptly joined in. It was eventually broken up by police, apparently immune to its infectious irony, and the protesters returned to their homes to continue the fight on blogs and social media. At the time of writing it continues unabated.