The Dancing Henry Almanac has been a publishing institution for over a century. Since it was first established in 1911 it has been an unending source of fascination for children and adults alike, a veritable treasure trove of bizarre stories and little known facts. Thanks to the vision and dedication of its founder, Sir Henry Drummond, it has survived through decades of turmoil and has defied repeated accusations of unscientific reporting and a lack of credible sources to find its rightful home on the web.

The prodigious size of the hardback editions once meant that readers were obliged to establish ‘almanac wings’ in their personal libraries. Thankfully the internet is sufficiently vast to accommodate at least some of the almanac for the enjoyment of all. As new facts are unearthed, new stories are told, and yet more fascinating parts of the Drummond archives are brought to light, there has never been a more interesting time for the Almanac. So why not subscribe to the feed today?*

Josh Cluderay,
Online Editor


*This question is rhetorical, but any of you wishing to respond to it may send your answers on a postcard marked “Why Not” to the Dancing Henry editorial offices (address available upon written request).