touchEternityMobile game which became popular in 2015. The object is simple, to keep your finger pressed on an onscreen button for as long as possible. Points are accrued the longer your finger is held and reset to zero if it is removed.

The game became a sleeper sensation after a viral video emerged of the prime-minister of Denmark playing it covertly during a United Nations summit, and soon it was being downloaded and played across the whole world. The game remained fiercely popular for several weeks, with many players buying second devices specifically for games and others forced to completely adapt their lifestyle to accommodate their newfound mono-dexterity.

Eventually the craze died down after a host of imitation “staminapps” such as taptaptap and KeepWatchingTheDot diluted the marketplace, but a hardcore fanbase remains with the most dedicated players currently on upwards of 14 billion points. Some of these are convinced that the game will eventually reach a satisfying endpoint, while others are doubtful but reluctant to remove their fingers “just in case”. The inventor of touchEternity, an unemployed computer programming graduate, has distanced himself from his creation, calling it “ridiculous” and “obscene” and apparently bitter that he had “forgotten to charge for it.”