27th of February of 2013

RE: Budgetary Cuts

Many concerned readers have written to the Dancing Henry editorial offices recently, afraid that we might be affected by the ongoing economic crisis. Unfortunately, it is true that the Dancing Henry Corporation has had to make cutbacks. Our publishing department has ceased printing once lucrative titles such as the A-Z of Numbers textbook, the Braille Guide to Silent Film and the Best of Ceefax Annual. Our merchandising department has now stopped manufacturing our range of Sir Henry Drummond action figures, our Months of the Year socks, and our famous spearmint bananas. And throughout the company we have made other minor cutbacks, including our library of betamax cassettes, our female employees and our electronic pistachio-sheller. We appreciate your letters of support during this difficult time, however we kindly request that concerned readers pay for postage before mailing. Thank you.

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