Liam Burns' infamous Harold Wilson obituaryObituary writer for The Times that became so respected in the 1950s for the exquisitely eloquent epitaphs he crafted for the rich and famous that the public began to find it difficult to come to terms with a famous death until it had been commemorated by Burns. He soon became the authoritative voice on the subject and after his first attempt at a serious novel flopped spectacularly, he became bitter and began to use his influence to “kill off” any public figures whom he took a disliking to. Victims of his column would thereafter find it impossible to gain employment, or to be taken seriously by any of the official living. In one famous incident, then Prime Minister Harold Wilson returned to London after a country holiday to find that his death had been reported by Burns in The Times that morning, and subsequently taken up by all the major media. On attempting to enter his home at 10 Downing Street, Wilson was turned away by a security guard with the immortal words “Who are you kidding, deadzo?”.