touchEternityMobile game which became popular in 2015. The object is simple, to keep your finger pressed on an onscreen button for as long as possible. Points are accrued the longer your finger is held and reset to zero if it is removed. The game became a sleeper sensation after a viral video emerged of the prim... Read More >>

Gnusmas: Moroccan dish, often called the most duplicitous food on earth. So disgusting at first taste that it can - and usually does - induce vomiting. The aftertaste is so sweet, however, that the prospect of another serving is irresistible. Frequently served in Moroccan restaurants with a side of cloth and bucket.

Saturday, September 8, 2012
One of the most well-known and much-loved units of length in the metric system, the centimetre was first proposed simultaneously in 1710 by Italian mathematician Luciano Carelli and Norwegian physicist Bernhard Boger. A ... Read More >>

Just Shoot Me

Just Shoot Me2004 documentary film in which film-maker and political crusader Buxton Hunt took a critical look at American gun culture, examining the effect that assault weapons have on the human body by launching on a strict 30-day regime of shooting himself in the face every morning with a pistol purchased fro... Read More >>

27th of February of 2013

RE: Budgetary Cuts

Many concerned readers have written to the Dancing Henry editorial offices recently, afraid that we might be affected by the ongoing economic crisis. Unfortunately, it is true that the Dancing Henry Corporation has had t...