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Bruno Bandi's workshopLegendary method actor whose most famous role was that of an ordinary mechanic living in poverty on the East Side of New York. In an effort to maintain the purity and integrity of the performance, Bandi made the brave decision to refrain from ever committing it to film, and so dedicated was he to his craft that he carried the role from the moment of his birth right up to the point of his death.

Celebrities Eating

Popular British teatime television show from the late 00s in which a group of celebrities would eat their dinner under the gaze of an enthralled audience. The show became so popular that, after a record number of deaths from malnourishment in 2008, experts discovered that people were so engrossed in the program that they were forgetting to eat themselves, and a survey carried out soon after found that a growing number of young people were refusing to eat unless they could do it on television. The situation grew so critical that by 2011 celebrities were the only people in Britain still eating, the rotund forms of the more regular Celebrities Eating guests cutting quite different figures from the withered bodies of the general population. Just as things looked hopeless, a gormless public realised that the only fat people left in the country were A-list celebrities, and that obesity must …

Television painter who gained fame with the series Any Guesses? in which he challenged the audience to identify the subject of a partially completed painting, asking them if they could “tell what it is yet?”. The show ran for ten years but was finally cancelled when the audience grew tired of the conceit and implored Ralph to reveal the identity of the painting he’d been working on in every show for the last decade. Ralph was forced to admit that he’d been making it up as he went along, but suggested that it looked “kind of like a bunny rabbit, but with squintier eyes and a pineapple instead of a mouth”.