The Genesis12 experiment was an unorthodox scientific experiment carried out in the year -2567012 by an extra-dimensional super-being and laboratory technician named Ya*howah 25j. Ya*howah was interested in exploring the properties of a small droplet of compressed space-time he had discovered in the laboratory toilet. Utilising powerful ultra-microscopic equipment, he discovered that this droplet contained an immensely array of elements which seemed to be in constant motion. Mapping out the arrangement of structures within, Ya*howah found that many of the elements took the form of spherical structures which seemed to spin around each other in a complex pattern  Ya*howah dubbing this discovery the ‘uuniv`rse’, and on the night of Blensbury the unth he conducted the following experiment, described in his journal:

Day 20-two. I have been observing the uuniv`rse for some time now, and have determined that it follows a regular cycle of steady expansion, followed by a sudden contraction to near-invisible level and then a violent explosion approximately every 16 hours. During one of the periods of expansion I was able to programme my equipment to track the movements of one small cluster of clay-like particles, which was orbiting at a fantastic rate around a much larger sphere of plasma. A great deal of the surface of the clay was covered in a bluish liquid, and it was crowned by a white crystalline solid at either end. After observing it for several seconds, I endeavoured to introduce to its surface a small amount of bacteria I had scraped from my boot, and I proceeded to carefully note the reaction. For the first second or so, nothing seemed to happen. Then as I watched, green vegetable matter seemed to grow rapidly over much of the clay surface, and it’s rocky outcrops split apart and appeared as tiny islands amidst the blue. A second later I saw the vegetable life receding and being replaced by small grey structures and tiny pinpricks of incandescence. No sooner had this change occurred then I noticed small particles of debris being expelled from the surface, and saw large expulsions of gas and smoke beginning to surround the cluster. As the image grew increasingly foggy I dimly perceived the white crystalline substances disappearing and saw that the rocky outcrops and greyish structures were engulfed entirely by the blue. It remained immersed in this state for several seconds, during which time the ball of plasma around which it orbited grew rapidly in mass until the point when it completely absorbed the cluster and all others surrounding it before collapsing suddenly into blackness. Upon refocusing my equipment I saw a similar pattern occurring again and again throughout the droplet, and I sat there, fascinated, as my uuniv`rse continued its seemingly unending cycle of implosion and explosion, of existence and non-existence.

Ya*howah presented his findings several months later at an inter-realmoid conference on sub-atomic hedgerow maintenance, having been refused entry into almost every other major scientific forum. Amidst a cacophony of jeers and hisses, he postulated that the ‘uuniv`rse’ may in fact serve as a microcosm of the realm in which they lived, and that perhaps life in their world had been scraped from the boot of a being on a yet larger and more complex plane of existence. His colleagues were quick to dismiss the idea, calling him a “daisy brain” and advising him to “go back home and play with his dollies”. Returning to his lab in a fit of anger, Ya*howah 25j proceeded to stamp on the uuniv`rse twelve times and then flush it down the toilet. His last journal entry, from Ogglesbon the blenth reads as follows:

Day 4-hundred and 7. Bosonic communicator working again. Received contact from possible celestial uber-being. Told him to do one. Had toast for supper.