3rd of February of 2012

RE: The Dancing Henry Almanac has moved!

We are pleased to announced that the Dancing Henry Almanac has found a new home at DancingHenryAlmanac.com.

As well as transferring our digital operations we have also moved our prodigious archives to a new facility close to Geneva. The 110,000 item strong collection of manuscripts, curios and unused plastic takeaway cutlery that makes up the Henry Drummond Archive requires a long-term secure storage solution which will preserve its many important artefacts for the enjoyment of future generations, and for several years a team of Dancing Henry researchers has struggled to find appropriate facilities. But, as luck would have it, a team in Switzerland recently discovered several miles of abandoned underground tunnels, most likely built during the war for the storage of Nazi gold, which provide more than adequate space for the collection, and has even retained a high-functioning energy supply perfect for the running of our dehumidifiers. Now that the team are finally settled in to their new home, they can get back to their regular work, and start on the big task of catching up with all those cultural and scientific developments they must have missed out on in the last few years!

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