World renowned physicist who accidentally succeeded in travelling back in time by one year, and proceeded to spend the next 12 months working alongside his past self in order to recapture the secret. Having finally cracked the formula the day before the present Heinzberg was due to travel back in time to help the past Heinzberg work it out, the future Heinzberg decided to take the present Heinzberg for a drink to wish him off. A rowdy celebration of their unprecedented scientific breakthrough ensued, resulting in the present Heinzberg sleeping in the next day and forgetting to travel back in time, thus severing the time loop and triggering the past and present Heinzberg’s to promptly forget how they had done it. The two are now said to be in a passionate relationship that the scientific community has roundly condemned as being a reckless and irresponsible distortion of the laws of time, a universe-destroying paradox waiting to happen, and ‘really icky’.