Best Dad in the World competition

Example of a counterfeit trophyThe Best Dad in the World Competition was founded by Sir Henry Drummond in 1946, in an attempt to redress the increased gender equality that followed World War II. Every year Sir Drummond’s assistants scoured newspapers and magazines from around the world to find cases of extraordinary heroism in the name of fatherhood, and the earliest winners of the competition were men who had been willing to sacrifice everything for their children, rewarded for their efforts with 20 shillings and a piece of crockery to be placed above the mantelpiece and pointed at during marital disputes.

The dream turned sour in 1954 when Sir Drummond was approached by several men claiming to be winners of the competition and demanding financial recompense. On investigating further, Drummond discovered that the market had been flooded by counterfeit trophies in the form of drinking mugs, rendering the authentic trophies almost meaningless. Drummond has since distanced himself from the competition, and it is nowadays regarded as something of a joke, with millions of fathers a year being awarded the title by persons completely unauthorised by the Dancing Henry estate. For several years, the Dancing Henry legal team has been fighting in the courts to bring these (often very young) offenders to justice, and they are speculated to be receiving a hefty settlement sometime in the next decade.