Civilian Harry (Orno Walberg, 1943)After sweeping the Academy Awards with his famed 1943 movie masterpiece Civilian Harry (see About the Almanac for his connection to Dancing Henry founder Sir Henry Drummond), film director Orno Walberg became the stuff of film legend when every one of his subsequent efforts was subjected to extensive interference and re-cutting by AOK studios, resulting in a string of some of the messiest, shoddiest films ever released. Walberg spoke frequently and eloquently about his struggles with the studio, and critics speculated that he was responsible for some of the finest lost masterpieces in cinema history. However, after Walberg’s death in 1981, the extent to which he had mythologised his own career became known for the first time when AOK Home Video released a boxed set of all of his films with the missing footage reinserted. Fans of the maverick director were somewhat disconcerted to find that almost all of the unseen material consisted of Walberg slapping his penis against his Best Director Oscar and repeatedly shouting “You can’t touch me! I’m an ARTIST!”.