Fake psychic and genuine seamstress Joanna Jameson19th century seamstress who claimed one day to be receiving communications from the ghost of William Shakespeare, and used automatic writing to set down a play which she claimed to have come from the pen of the bard himself. On examining the play, experts concluded that not only was it of an authentic Shakespearrean style, but was one of his most exceptional and technically brilliant works. A London run of the play was rushed into production, but was soon cancelled after Jameson unfortunately let slip whilst drunk that the whole thing had in fact been a fraud, and she had simply written the play herself. Disgusted, the drama community declared her to be a liar of the most despicable kind and promptly had her cast into the Thames. Several years later, a parlour maid named Elsie Stapleton claimed to be in contact with Jameson, and penned several plays whilst in seance with her that were proven by experts in the field to be absolutely genuine. Consequently, Jameson ended up having an illustrious posthumous career.