19th of January of 2010

RE: Snow Problem

After almost a month of bunking off in the snow, the Dancing Henry editorial team reluctantly trudged indoors this week to hang up their sledges and prepare another fabulous series of entries from the world-famous Dancing Henry Almanac. They were greeted by a veritable mountain of letters and postcards, and promptly got their sledges back out to continue the party indoors. Though this still-snowballing pile of correspondence is currently blocking the entrance to the Dancing Henry archives, we have managed to throw together a few bits and pieces telegraphed to us by our global team this week, and present them now under the proviso that they be taken with a pinch of salt. We will return to our process of rigorous cataloguing and fact-checking in due course; in the meantime, please rest assured that any correspondence received this week will be properly processed, and will certainly not be shredded and built into a snowman.

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