12th of September of 2009

RE: A fat lotto good

The Dancing Henry editorial office has received much correspondence this week asking for our thoughts on illusionist Derren Brown’s impressive ability to predict the national lottery and suggesting that this stunt warrants an entry in the almanac. Long time readers will know better, however, as many of them will have received the free supplement with volume 57 of the twelfth edition of the almanac that contains unfailingly correct predictions for every lottery until 2016 (the numbers generated with a formula created by Dancing Henry founder Sir Henry Drummond himself: asking a politician, or a feminist, or some other “damn fool” what they thought the numbers would be, and then picking the exact opposite). Unfortunately for many of you, this supplement is now out of print, as the Dancing Henry Organisation was simply unable to come up with a way of generating the extra revenue to keep it going.

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